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  • Professor Juan Yianatos
    IMPC 2014 Chair
    Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
  • Diego Hernández
    Honorary President
    Antofagasta Minerals, Chile

As chair of the XXVII International Mineral Processing Congress – IMPC 2014, I am very pleased to invite you to participate in this unique opportunity to meet with your mineral processing colleagues and friends from all over the world.

Chile has a long history in mining and is currently the largest copper-producing country in the world.  Apart from copper, Chile is the world’s largest producer of lithium, a major producer of Iodine and gold, silver and molybdenum production is also on the rise. Education and research in the field of mining and mineral processing is offered at all the major universities. The majority of leading mining companies, engineering firms and equipment suppliers are present in Chile.

Expectations for total investment in the mining industry for the next ten years are close to USD 100 billion making Chile not only attractive due to current activity in mining, but also because of the large portfolio of projects occurring in the country. 

Full Paper Reception

Almost 600 full papers have been received from 50 countries, among which are Australia, China, USA, Brazil, Chile, India, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Canada, South Africa, Germany and Sweden. It is estimated that a total of 300 papers will be selected for oral presentation at the IMPC 2014, allowing for a maximum of six parallel sessions of high quality presentations during the 4 days of the Conference. The technical program will also include aproximately 150 poster presentations.

Papers Received Statistics

A once in a lifetime experience

IMPC 2014 :: International Mineral Processing Congress

International Mineral Processing Congress
20-24 October 2014

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